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A month long operation called Red Reaper made up of Kings, Tulare law enforcement with the help of the FBI and the Department of Justice took more than 90 Norteno gang members into custody. Detectives with the help of federal agents uncovered the Nuestra Familia Prison Gang and the Norteno Street Gang in King County were running a large-scale drug trafficking operation and were committing violent crimes around Kings and Tulare Counties.

Thayer said the ones calling the shots on the drug operation were working from behind the walls of Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga. Detectives said Sal Castro, who was serving time was giving orders from his prison cell to outside Norteno gang members using a smuggled cell phones. According to Detectives, the officer involved shooting that took place Tuesday morning outside of Corcoran was the result of the drug and crime operation. According to police, three Norteno Gang members pulled off a home invasion robbery in the city of Corcoran.

One suspect was shot in the incident than dropped off at a local hospital, the other two taking off heading to Hanford. Do you have a problem that you need help solving? Phone: Email: OnYourSide cbsfresno. Skip to content. Police also taking 11 pounds of crystal meth off the Central Valley streets. Boudreaux said his gang unit was out has been battling this dangerous gang for several years.

Thayer said gang members inside the prison ordered the three suspects to commit the robbery. The two men were hit with gun fire and were taken to a local hospital. Sheriff Boudreaux said the crackdown sends a message. Sunday Service. Best of the Valley. Sunday Morning Matters. MedWatch Today. Hispanic Heritage.

Bulldog Insider: The Podcast. The Valley's Armenia. Pros Who Know. Small patients in Armenia. Yerevan by night. Jeff Thomas delivers. Jeff Thomas delivers in Gyumri. Doctors unpack medical supplies from The Central Valley.

Operation Red Reaper: 96 Norteno gang members arrested in Kings, Tulare Counties

Fresno Medical Mission at work. Medical Supplies being unloaded. Fresno Medical Mission at the ready. Life saving work of Central Valley surgeons in Armenia.

Ribbon cutting on new surgical center in Ashtarak Armenia. Fresno donors made this dream come true. Honorary Consulate to Armenia Berj Apkarian explains the crisis facing one hospital. Medical Meeting in Artsakh.When: Sunday, May 3, Where: Save Mart Center, Fresno. When: Saturday, May 9, Where: Fulton 55, Fresno. When: Friday, May 22, When: Friday, September 25, When: Thursday, October 8, When: Thursday, October 22, Where: William Saroyan Theatre, Fresno.

When: Thursday, April 23, Where: Strummers, Fresno. When: Friday, April 24, Where: Woodward Park, Fresno. When: Sunday, April 26, When: Monday, May 4, When: Thursday, May 7, When: Friday, May 15, When: Saturday, May 16, When: Saturday, May 23, When: Thursday, May 28, When: Saturday, June 6, When: Monday, June 8, Southern Culture on the Skids Tour Dates.

When: Thursday, June 18, Jenny and the Mexicats Tour Dates. When: Friday, June 19, Where: Selland Arena - Fresno Convent When: Thursday, June 25, When: Wednesday, July 15, Young men on street corners bark at passing patrol officers. Fresno and the surrounding region have long been overrun by Bulldogs. And where the violent pack goes, trouble follows.

But the bulldog is no longer just a college sports mascot. It has been appropriated by members of a savage street gang who call themselves the Bulldogs. The gang started in a prison and quickly earned a reputation as unusually vicious, even in the bloody world of California gangs. Three of four inmates in the county jail are Bulldogs. The mascot now plays a double role as football icon and gang symbol. Confusing the two can have fatal consequences. InStephen Maciel, a father of four who the police said had no gang affiliation, was shot and killed by a Bulldogs gang member in a liquor store parking lot.

Maciel was wearing a red Fresno State shirt. The situation has vexed them, even as sales of Fresno State apparel and merchandise increased tenfold since the gang took hold in the city. The university has considered dropping the logo, and has approached law enforcement officials for guidance.

The issue is trickier than ever this season, with the football team and ranked in the top 20 nationally.

Fresno Bulldogs

And it is true: the Bulldogs are ascendant. Discussion of recent games is heard up and down the radio dial. Billboards feature the top players, including quarterback Derek Carr, a contender for the Heisman Trophy.

The police, meanwhile, have made cracking down on the Bulldogs gang a top priority, with some success. But the Bulldogs are still dangerous enough to have cost the lives of Maciel and others. Pulling for the Underdog. Some miles north of Los Angeles and miles south of San Francisco, Fresno is close to the geographic center of a state known at times for a bitter rivalry between north and south.

Tensions arise over everything from water rights to disputes between Los Angeles Dodgers fans and San Francisco Giants fans. Except the Bulldogs. Why the Bulldogs gang became independent remains unclear. What prison officials do know is that in a war broke out at San Quentin State Prison between a gang based in Fresno called F14 and Nuestra Familia, a Mexican-American gang started in the s. The Fresno gang members had been working for Nuestra Familia, moving drugs up and down the state and, when ordered, fighting and killing Nuestra Familia rivals.

InFresno State fielded a football team that became the stuff of local legend. It was the only N. Division I-A team to be undefeated that year at Led by a player known as Stephen Baker the touchdown maker, the squad was one of the highest-scoring teams in N.

The whole town went crazy. Among those rabid fans were members of this nascent, newly independent gang, who for more than a year had been tossing around potential names and identities for themselves.

They considered the Fresno City Players, the Midnight Cruisers and the Sinners, but nothing seemed to stick, said Natividad Mendoza, 42, a former Bulldogs gang member who was incarcerated 16 times from to The Bulldogs are like an N.They are known for their ongoing rivalry with Surenos and Nortenos in Northern California.

Foundation and Early History The origins of the Fresno Bulldogs are not completely clear, but mentions of the gang can be found as early as the s. Primarily a Mexican-American association, this group most likely saw the light of day as a sub-set of one of the larger criminal associations within the United States Federal Prison System.

At the beginning of the s, the gang was still considered part of the Nuestra Familia Alliance. Multiple prison-wide wars would take place between andfacilitating the independence efforts that the group had undertaken. The gang eventually rebelled and was fully recognized as a self-governing association in Now free, the Fresno Bulldogs started working on their own image, adopting a unique set of graffiti, call-signs and tattoos.

The group also elected the Fresno State University mascot as their own, thus resulting in their current name. To further accentuate their uniqueness, members of the gang also refer to each other with specific terms. For most of the 90s, their objective was to increase both their numbers and their reach. This vicious expansion led the way for the creation of a good number of sub-sets and smaller gangs.

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Although technically still a part of the Bulldogs, these groups would soon start acting independently. Confrontations, all characterized by varying degrees of violence, would become the norm for most of the 90s. As the gang kept expanding, street thugs were hired to deal the product directly.

This would have allowed the group to maximize profit, as they now could import and distribute dope freely throughout their territories. Operation Bulldogs and Current Status Surviving the turn of the century would prove a rather hard feat for a substantial part of the Fresno Bulldogs.

Determined to put a stop to crime within the city, the law enforcement agency began to lay down a plan to eradicate the group. The operation, which was labeled Bulldog, began in November and would continue for several months. Although severely weakened, the gang still counts more than members in or around the city of Fresno. Along with the usual narcotics dealing and robberies, Fresno Bulldogs now specialize in assaults, extortion, weapons trafficking, and murder.

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fresno nortenos

Share: Share Tweet Email. KFSN -- Federal agents arrested hundreds of people across the country in a month-long operation designed to cut down a gang insurgency on our streets. Homeland Security agents worked with local police agencies to arrest 23 alleged gang members and their associates, mostly in Fresno and Sanger. The main target is Surenos, a gang with Mexican mafia connections, and one that's recently established a major presence in the Central Valley.

X marks the spot in Southwest Fresno's back alleys. Gang wars playing out on the streets, announced by graffiti. The gang of the south is creeping north, according to federal agents, and marking its territory in areas formerly controlled -- and graffitied -- by Bulldogs and Nortenos. In Fresno, in Sanger, and the rest of the Valley, they went into Sureno strongholds and looked for reasons to make arrests.

fresno nortenos

A warrant for destruction of property got him locked up. And similar scenes played out across the country. The Department of Justice says Sureno membership is expanding faster than any other gang in the country. Murder, extortion, and drugs are their currency. Project Southbound is the response -- the largest operation of its kind by Homeland Security.

Federal agents arrested more than people with Sureno ties. Most of them now face criminal charges.Foundation and Early History In the early s, an increase in the number of Mexican individuals moving to California resulted, among other things, in larger groups of Hispanic inmates flowing to the various correctional facilities scattered throughout the state. As the decade went by, prisoners would start to split into smaller groups, based on the location of their original hometowns.

Often in a state of rivalry, these mobs were the protagonists in several episodes of prison violence; their differences in background, customs, and allegiance being the main reason behind such outbursts. Bymost of the Mexican population in the California Prison System had sworn loyalty to one of two main groups. Members from this criminal organization had, throughout the 60s and the 70s, treated northerners with disrespect, often referring to them as uneducated lame farmers.

A good number of clashes had also been registered, both within prison walls and in the cities. It is, allegedly, one of these episodes that resulted in what criminal analysts consider the bloodiest conflict in the history of Californian gangs.

When a member of La eMe stole a pair of shoes from a northerner, the group retaliated by completely abandoning the Mexican Mafia in and founding the Nuestra Familia, an alliance of several gangs that operated both inside and outside of the prison system. It was only around the year that federal agencies stepped up their investigations, eventually managing to gain ground on the gang and execute the so-called Operation Black Widow.

You must log in to post a comment. Follow us facebook twitter googleplus youtube. Search Search for: Search. Like this: Like LoadingThey are considered to be one of the biggest drug gangs in Central California with membership estimated to be around 6, in the city of Fresno. They are engaged in a wide range of criminal activity and have been subject to many high-profile cases over the years.

The Fresno Bulldogs can be traced back to the s but did not become an independent street gang until the s. Their independence developed in the California prison system during the prison wars of — The gang was known as F The Fers began using the bulldog name and mascot of Fresno State University including the paw print and bulldog head image in their graffiti and tattoos.

They also bark to one another as a call sign, "Bulldog Calling" and address each other as "Dog", "Perro" or "Efe". They are in some of the minor cities outside of Fresno, but with less frequency. Their main revenue is from the street level distribution of marijuanaheroin and methamphetamine. In NovemberOperation Bulldogs was launched to wipe out the Bulldog street gang.

The operation has led to thousands of arrests, but the independent nature of the gang has complicated police efforts to contain crimes attributed to gang members. However, even with increased gang suppression tactics the Bulldog gang continues to exert its influence on the community. Bulldogs gang members sometimes fight each other because of affiliation with a rival Bulldog gang set.

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Fresno Bulldog gang member in the Fresno County Jail.

fresno nortenos

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